How we filmmake

First, a note on story

"Storytelling" has become something of a buzzword these days, used as a term of art in fields from graphic design to accounting. But what is story really?

A painting consists of paint and some kind of canvas. A song is a combination of chord change, melody, and lyric. Story also requires some essential elements, to properly be called a story. These elements have been explored by very smart people for thousands of years: the elements are compelling characters, some kind of conflict, and a familiar structure, or emotional arc.

Our job is to find the most compelling stories you have to tell, the stories that attract people to your values, connect them to your mission, and advance the goals of your product, service, or organization. First, we need to offer them something worth their valuable time and attention.


How do we get started?

  • Step 1: Research

    This is where we collect all the information and inspiration we can from your goals, creative briefs, and brand guidelines, to pre-interviews and experiential scouting trips.

    Creative fee is billed at engagement
  • Step 2: Creative Development

    We'll usually start with a big brainstorm and then refine down to our best concepts and rationales. Then we'll pitch those concepts and you'll pick one or two. Then it's right into scriptwriting, storyboards, and pre-visualization.

  • Step 3: Pre-Production

    Scripts are chosen, a producer is assigned, and we start breaking down budgets, scheduling, casting, locations, everything. Every careful minute spent in pre-production saves us 5 in production and 15 in post.

    50% of production fee is billed during pre-production


Lights, camera...

  • Step 4: Production

    We assign crew and reserve equipment. We have tech scouts and rehearsals. We'll shoot and edit a mockup of the piece to make sure the story is working. When everything's dialed in, it's go-time.

    Animation: This is where we begin animating.
    Remainder of production fee is billed
  • Step 5: Post-Production

    We ingest all of the footage and get to editing, color, graphics, sound design, voiceover, and music. We deliver rough cuts, implement notes, and for those clients who like life in the editing suite, we welcome you to come in for a session or two.

  • Step 6: Delivery

    We deliver all final versions to stations and social networks at optimum quality, and sometimes we have a lunchtime pizza party at our 220-seat theatre to watch the final spots. Depending on the job, we might cut a behind-the-scenes video like the one you're watching now.

    Delivery fee is billed