For when you need to have a virtual event/conference/summit, but you don't want it to suck.

It might seem like virtual meetings should be easy compared to real-life meetings. After all, you don't even need to leave your house.

Well, it turns out, they're harder. Way harder.

Call us, and let's make it a great experience for everyone.

Why We Created The UnZoom Event™️

  • Are you suffering from Zoom Fatigue™️?
  • Does your organization do something special every year, and you're worried that's about to feel a whole lot less special?
  • Trying to stand out while we all sit in the digital/historical equivalent of a dentist's office waiting room as our bodies and spirits slowly die?
  • Do you need a creative partner who can both develop and execute fun, engaging, useful virtual events and conferences?

You aren't alone. This is one of the great challenges of our times. But fear not: Our team has spent a collective century training/preparing to meet this moment. Enter the UnZoom Event™️.

UnZoom Event™️ Features

  • bakedpotato

    1.Full virtual event production with a focus on engagement.

    • Everything you need to move your event online and make the best use of the digital medium. We'll work with your event planner or we can handle everything in-house.
    • Creative development for run-of-show and engagement, including Q&As, polls, networking, and break-time entertainments.
    • We can host an UnZoom™️ Event on any platform (yes, even on Zoom, which we admit is weird), or we can do it right on your website. (Intrigued? Keep reading.)
    Production can be a production. We handle all the hard parts for you (you can still be here for the fun parts).
  • jamjar

    2.Our own browser-based, fully self-branded virtual platform.

    • Your branding. Not some online platform's branding. It's even on your own domain (yes, like ... no long, gibberish links).
    • Your content, sales materials, fundraising buttons ... anything you want on the page alongside your event, you can have. It's your place.
    • Everything you would expect from other platforms (slide sharing, recordings, chat, breakout rooms) and a lot more, including built-in registration and ticketing.
    The platform we use is called Markee. It started under our roof with some of our team members, and grew so fast that it needed to spin out and find a roof of its own.
  • ramen

    3.Features you can't get together in one package anywhere else.

    • Mix pre-recorded and live video: The power of editing can make everything more engaging, including event talks and discussion panels.
    • Extend the value of your pre-recorded material and live meeting recording by planning to reuse materials for social media, training, marketing, asynchronous attendees ... whatever we can help you come up with.
    Imagine: Creative briefs and production plans written by people who do that sort of thing every day.

UnZoom Event™️ Deliverables

The UnZoom Event™️ package includes:

  • Access to a fully self-branded online virtual platform, optimized for the specs of your event
  • Creative development for run-of-show and improved user engagement
  • A customizable events platform, featuring anything you'd like to share with guests
  • Everything you would expect from other platforms, and a lot more, including built-in registration and ticketing
  • A 12-person creative and production crew available for strategy and production

UnZoom Event™️ Use Cases

Fundraising galas • Conferences

Team-building retreats • Symposia

Shareholder meetings • Trainings and seminars

Trade shows/expos • Networking events

Annual "Dinners" • Product launches

VIP events • Job fairs and recruiting events

Awards "Dinners"


VIP Events


UnZoom Event™️ packages start at $10,000 and are based on needs/budgets.

Looking for a specific arrangement a little different from what's offered here? Call our UnZoom Event™️ team.