For medium-to-large corporations and organizations whose needs have grown beyond "handling it in-house."

Ask any company who has tried to build its own production department. It gets expensive, and you tend to hit a capacity and creative ceiling quickly.

Let’s talk more about how Short Order can best serve your company’s needs.

Turnkey Production™ Features

  • cottoncandy

    1.The moving parts of production. All of them.

    • Our corporate clients in comms and marketing have variously described internal production efforts as "a pain in the neck," "a mess," and "a cluster&%$#." We step in and straighten it all out.
    • Complete production management: We field requests, talk strategy, scope creative, set budgets, and hold hands with every project and stakeholder from concept through post and delivery.
    Production can be a production. We handle all the hard parts for you (you can still be here for the fun parts).
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    2.Efficiency and consistency come standard.

    • We begin every project by making sure there are well-defined business objectives requiring production in the first place. (You mean sometimes there aren't? Sometimes there aren't.)
    • Since we become the keepers of the entire video production schedule, we can improve communication between departments, eliminate duplicative efforts, ensure brand consistency, add useful deliverables, and find savings in time and cost.
    We herd the cats (and feed them when necessary) so you can do your actual job.
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    3.More action. Less homework.

    • We don't sit around waiting for you to tell us what to do. We keep on top of your needs as though they were our needs.
    • One example: We won't ask you to write a creative brief. We'll meet with you, write the brief ourselves, and ask you if it looks right. Our goal at every step is to make your job easier, not give you another team to manage.
    Imagine: Creative briefs and production plans written by people who do that sort of thing every day.
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    4.A complete, professional department for the price of a few frazzled people.

    • Our studios are full of people with great ideas who are passionate about the craft of filmmaking. Trust us: You want them thinking about your storytelling needs.
    • Along with your dedicated production manager comes our entire 15-member creative and production team, a million dollars worth of equipment and studios, and more than a century of production and storytelling experience.
    Seems like a lot.
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    5.Elegantly simple technical solutions.

    • With our extensive technical background, we also serve as a strategic partner advising on everything from social media channel design to distribution tech to asset management.
    • Enterprise IT solutions are often terribly over-engineered (and terribly over-priced). We make sure that the lightest and simplest implementations are considered before any Bloated Enterprise Software Nightmare mistakes are made
    Sometimes, simply knowing what's out there can save a company $126,740 per year (for one real-world example).

Turnkey Production™ Deliverables

The Turnkey Production™ package includes:

  • A dedicated production manager, full-time or half-time
  • Scoping and bidding of all production projects, submitted through internal communications channels
  • $1,000,000 (and growing) of equipment and studio space included on all projects at no additional charge
  • A 15-person creative and production crew available for strategy and production
  • Weekly production meetings coordinated, agenda'd, and led by your production manager, who will spend a good deal of time on-site with you

Turnkey Production™ Use Cases (& Examples)

Town halls and executive communication

Marketing isn't just an external exercise. Employees' time and taste should be treated with as much respect as customers'.

Big announcements

Have a new initiative or policy that needs to be effectively communicated to your workforce? Or, maybe a better question: How many do you have per month?

Modern training and process documentation

The next generation of your workforce grew up using video to learn how to tie a tie, cook a steak, and do their job. We help modernize your internal knowledge systems.

An internal video network

Pair our understanding of software development and our creative solutions to simple, repeatable series and you get a new company channel that employees will actually follow.

Sales and marketing materials

Oftentimes, the stuff we're capturing for internal use also has external use and vice versa. Sales and marketing usually have their own budgets but can have trouble justifying the time and cost of doing smaller-scale pieces. We solve that.

Turnkey Production™

Every company's process is tailored to their team and specific style of work, but yours could look like this:

  • Department Suchandsuch decides they need a video.
  • Department Suchandsuch contacts Short Order directly through an internal email or phone extension to make sure the business objectives can best be solved with video production (sometimes, this process ends at Step 2).
  • Short Order works with stakeholders to assess the viability, style/budget (talking head/animation/etc.) and final uses of the project, taking into consideration any concurrent productions to make the best use of everyone's time and money.
  • Short Order builds a creative brief with budget, and verifies with the stakeholder.
  • Department Suchandsuch approves the budget and project.
  • Pre-production begins.
  • Production is executed and two rounds of revisions are delivered for feedback directly from stakeholders, accomplished whenever possible through quick in-person or videoconference meetings, for immediate clarity and solutions (no one needs more email inbox congestion).


Turnkey Production™ packages start at $20,000 per month.

Looking for a specific arrangement a little different from what's offered here? Call our Turnkey Production™ team.