New things, exciting things, and a thank you


Three years ago, I got some bad news. It was a historically cold day in January, and Jason called to wake me up.

“The office flooded.”

He was referring to our tiny little office on Market Street, next to LOMA Coffee, where all of our filmmaking equipment, editing machines, and hard drives full of footage lived.

It was a devastating blow to a fledgling company with little revenue, most of which was tied up in its now soggy film equipment. It felt like years’ worth of work, blood, sweat, tears, and sleepless nights had all been washed away. To complicate the emotions a little further, my family suffered a death that same day.

Our friends at AB&C, the agency that was the first to take a chance on this little production house with an odd name, were kind enough to lend me a desk while we went about picking up the pieces. This was neither the first or the last time the Delaware gods smiled on us.

Three years later, we’ve been working out of a train station in the coolest dream office ever, we’ve grown to 11 full-time employees, and we’re rebranding our production company as bigger, better, and more colorful. From here on out, when you need something produced, you can find us at Short Order Production House. That's our new brand and website. Hope you like it.

My first job, at 14, was as a dishwasher in a golf course steak house (one of the reasons I still keep the official title of “dishwasher”). In the ensuing six years, I did almost every job in that restaurant, from prep cook to janitor to coat girl (that’s what it was called) to bartender and server, and I’m tremendously glad that I did, but don’t get me wrong: I don't need to do it again. Building this company has been an incredible experience where I’ve had to learn all kinds of things that I never even considered. I’ve had to wear every hat from account manager and business development to HR and accounts payable. I’m so much better for the experience, but the truth is that I’m not great at all those things.

I’m very happy to let you know that, today, those hats are occupied by other people in the company, and now, I’m just the creative director, with a little marketing and business development, of course.

The company is pulling off all kinds of amazing things like this spot we did for the Delaware Department of Education.

I have to sheepishly admit that I wasn’t even at that shoot. They didn’t need me. The piece was directed by Mike Pfeifer and edited by Mauro Giuffrida, two of the people you’re going to be seeing a lot more work from. Actually, there’s more than a year’s worth of work that we haven't really shown anyone.

Until now, our master marketing plan has been “Wait for the phone to ring.” It’s worked out okay, but we can probably do better, so starting now, we’re actually going to be marketing a little bit. I promise that any marketing email we send out will be fun and/or interesting and/or useful. There will be more really big news that I can’t disclose just now, so stay tuned for that.

To all the wonderful people who took a chance on us when we were young and untested: Thank you. It continues to be a great honor to be entrusted with the incredibly important task of telling your stories.



So what's next for the Kitchen? Well, as Short Order takes off on its own, the Kitchen is moving on to its next project: Launching a mobile app/web service for casting and auditioning. I won't say any more than that for now, but it’s very exciting and I hope to be able to tell you all about its great success soon. :)