Big month, big moves

In September/October, a lot happened at Short Order.

My wife Allison and I had a baby girl; our first.

Her name is Louisa. We're quite fond of her.

Louisa Devreaux at 2 hours old

Alex got married to Katie

Katie is an excellent actress (much better than Alex) who also does really strong voiceover work. Her dulcet tones have frequently been heard in our work.

Rachel donated a kidney to her father.

Both are doing well. Rachel is a very good daughter.

We finally got to work on a real live marketing video for Delaware.

Prompted by the Amazon RFP, in a whirlwind two weeks, and while I was (mostly) out on paternity leave, we created this with Governor Carney’s team. We’re really proud of how it turned out. I wrote. Mike directed. Alex and Shannon produced. Jason shot. Mauro edited. More than 30 locations in 4 days. And our talent, Newton Buchanon, absolutely killed.

  • Director: | 3 minutes

Options in Delaware

Also, we moved!

We have just moved to the former WHYY television studios at 7th and Orange. It’s appropriate that I would end up on a street called Orange. The space is 15,000 square feet, with room to grow into for the life of the company, and two sound stage studios inside which you can hear your own heartbeat, even when the HVAC is on.

We will miss the train station oh so terribly. It will go down as the coolest space I will ever have had the good fortune to work in. It served us so well for the last three plus years. But alas, we have grown up, outgrown the space, and maybe, if we’re honest, we have become a little more boring and practical. Our new office is definitely a project, needs a big renovation, and is a little overwhelming in its scale, but the creative possibilities that it opens up for us are staggering. We are incredibly excited for what we can do with these studios and with all this space.

Last week, we talked about telling stories without words. The examples were narrative commercial pieces, tightly storyboarded. Next week, we’ll continue that conversation, but this time, the examples will be documentary.

Thank you for reading and watching, and as always, stay tuned,

- Zach