The essential starter kit for products, services, companies, organizations, and teams of all sizes.

You can think of the Short Order DocuBrand™ as if This American Life and Vice News did a story on you. We let what we find guide us rather than determining a rigid set of predefined deliverables.

Contact us, and let's tell your story!

DocuBrand™ Features

  • borscht

    1.Your authentic brand. Documented and distilled.

    • You may be looking for a writer/director when what you really need is an editor.
    • The spirit of the DocuBrand™ process is contained in this assumption: Your brand already exists. It lies in the passion, wisdom and values you've cultivated throughout your history doing the cool thing you do. What you need is for someone to capture that energy and put the focus on what matters.
    Authenticity is the currency of the 21st century and there is no substitute for it.
  • cottoncandy

    2.Discovery is where the magic happens.

    • Before you tell us anything, we're rolling. Not a single important moment is lost.
    • With our documentary/journalistic approach, we capture the entire discovery process in usable high fidelity because, let's face it: The second time you tell us your story is never quite as good as the first.
    More genuine curiosity and conversation, less glossy lighting and makeup.
  • flan

    3.Quality and quantity. Together at last.

    • A robust collection of modern media, the DocuBrand™ will become your brand storytelling foundation.
    • We've grown tired of leaving all of this usable material on the cutting room floor. We want you to get as much mileage as possible from our engagement, so the DocuBrand™ results in a boatload of deliverables.
    Production is expensive, so it's critical that we squeeze out every bit of value we can.

DocuBrand™ Deliverables

The essential DocuBrand™️ package includes:

  • Video Profile, or, in other words, the video you came here for. Video length is an arbitrary measurement, but these are usually 1-5 minutes.
  • Two Additional Videos OR an Audio/Radio/Podcast Profile, depending on how what we capture best can best serve your objectives.
  • A Full Campaign of 25 "Posts", beautiful stills and clips matched up with lines and quotes that can be used on social media, in email, in print ... wherever you want.
  • A Web Magazine Article with useful prose and gorgeous photography. This can be placed on something like Medium, integrated into your own site as a landing page, or it might just become your new site. It happens.
  • OPTIONAL: Coffee Table Book Do you have big customers, donors, or prospects? We will have enough material to create a stunning physical object for all to proudly display.

DocuBrand™ Use Cases (& Examples)


DocuBrand™️ is the perfect place to start when you're branding. If you're working with a branding agency, they'll appreciate the rich library of authentic materials to work with.

Product Launch

Launching a new product or service? You'll need video for the landing page and emails, stills for your website and brochures, maybe some design and testimonial quotes? DocuBrand™️ comes with all of the above and more.

Social Campaign

Trying to come up with imagery and messaging ideas for a sustained social push? DocuBrand™️ is all about getting the most output from your input.

Fundraising Campaign

Want to inspire your donors and maybe pull a few tears? We're good at that, but we want you to have more than a single-use event video. DocuBrand™️ gives you enough for a social campaign, website refresh... A lot more for your limited budget.

Event Build-up

Event coverage is a pretty useless exercise in posterity... unless you do it with DocuBrand™️! Our filmmakers won't just be "covering" your event. They'll be creating a raft of material to proudly share, use on your website, and promote the next event.

DocuBrand™ Process

  • Communicate objectives, timeline, and specific deliverables (where applicable)
  • Order your DocuBrand™ (Docubrand™ requires a 75% deposit with 25% paid on delivery.)
  • Kickoff discussion/scout with key stakeholders. Audio/stills recorded.
  • Shooting plan and expected deliverables outline
  • Small-crew production
  • Post-production and updated deliverables outline
  • Additional small-crew production as required
  • Draft DocuBrand™ delivered
  • One round of changes and one round of cleanup/polish
  • Final DocuBrand™ delivered


DocuBrand™ packages start at $25,000 + travel for teams under 25 members and scale up from there.

Non-profit and small company rates available.

Saxon McClamma

Negative Supply

“DocuBrand completely changed things for us. The creative talent Short Order provided gave us energy and a voice we didn’t even know was there, and their careful ability to edit away the noise left us with a product that spoke volumes.”