Everything In-House (pretty much)

Unlike most production companies, we have our own cameras from ARRI and RED, our own grip truck, real soundstage studios (two of them), editing facilities, and most importantly, a full-time staff of 11 people. 

Our scale gives us economies that just aren't possible when you have to spin up a whole production every time you shoot.

Below are a list of things we do all the time.

  • Pre-Production

    • Concept development
    • Script analysis/breakdown
    • Screenwriting
    • Storyboarding
    • Previsualization
    • Casting
    • Character development
    • Art direction
  • Production

    • Zaxcom/Sound Devices audio gear
    • HMI/LED/tungsten lighting
    • Full grip package | Sprinter van
    • 360 video and live streaming
    • Aerial cinematography
    • Two 1,400 sq. foot studio sound stages
    • Cinema lenses from Cooke/Canon
    • Cameras from ARRI/RED/Canon/Sony
  • Post-Production

    • Comfortable client editing suites
    • Animation and motion graphics
    • Color grading
    • Sound design and music composition
    • Voiceover/foley recording studio
    • Translation, closed captioning
    • 10Gbps storage with onsite/offsite backup
    • LTO archival

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