Hello agencies with beautifully clever creative. Meet our in-house roster of directors.

TV commercials, social spots, and anything else an agency can dream up, we're ready to bring your ideas to the screen.

Agency Jawn™ Features

  • cupcake

    1.A diverse roster of directors. Experience comes standard.

    • Every project needs a discerning eye. Choose someone whose MO suits it best.
    • Animation. Comedy. Tearjerkers. Documentary. Our directors have experience across genres and the technical skills to execute your project from first take to final cut. Our expertise means we also know how and where to best cut costs and deliver more.
    You need someone who can keep things moving on set, offer sage advice, and execute your vision. Our directors deliver.
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    2.A little more creativity. A lot less ego.

    • You know what you have in mind, and that's what we're after.
    • Our directors are great at what they do, and while we're sure they have egos and deep artistic pain, you won't encounter any of that on set. All of our directors are passionate and skilled, but more importantly, they're collaborative, good people who care deeply about knocking your creative out of the park for your client.
    We will be with you, rolling with the punches and changes on set, and getting it done.
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    3.The whole House comes standard.

    • A dedicated, talented crew. Millions of dollars in gear and production space. There are a lot of extra benefits to working with us.
    • Our directors have the backing of a talented and friendly team, managing every aspect of production. Unlike most production companies, we have our own cinema cameras (ARRIs) and lenses, two big soundstages, grip truck, 9 editing suites, and a full-time staff of 15 people. You'll have a team of experts with eyes on your project every step of the way.
    Our scale optimizes for production cost without ever sacrificing quality.

Agency Jawn™ Directors

Mauro Giuffrida

Mauro Giuffrida is a creative director and special effects wizard who takes pride in having a personal coffee machine in his office.

Jason Prezant

Jason Prezant is a creative director, our director of photography, and a paragliding enthusiast in a past life.

Christina Reilly

Christina Reilly is our senior producer who ensures our shoots run seamlessly and most of her vacations are spent in Albania.

Josh Johnson

Josh Johnson is an editor and sound designer who makes a mean hype video and regularly plays drums in Studio B. (We have two sets, in case you want to join in.)

Zach Phillips

Zach Phillips is our CEO, the founder of Short Order, and will beat you at ping pong 99.85% of the time. But who's counting? (He is.)

Agency Jawn™ Process

We work with video all day, every day.

  • Depending on where you are in pre-production, we can work with you on everything from creative concept development to scriptwriting and casting.
  • Have a project you’ve oversold? We can help problem-solve to get it in on-time and on-budget.
  • We can be as hands-on or hands-off as is best for your team and workflow.
  • You can work with your own producer or ours.
  • We can help find cost-savings as well as ways to squeeze more deliverables into a scope.

Gear & Facilities


Let us know your budget or we'll automatically scale production to three levels and give you three bids. We’re not here to guess on price competition. If you need something on a tight budget, just tell us what level of production and heads-on-set you’re looking for, and we’ll see if we can make it fit.

Please check out our DocuBrand™, Original Recipe™, and Fresh Series™ products. Other agencies love them and it’s often the best way for us to engage.

Nat Gutwirth

Left Hand Creative

“It’s not often you get to use ‘sensitive and thoughtful’ in the same sentence with ‘creative and inspired,’ let alone ‘strategic and principled.’ But if you’ve produced video with Short Order, I wouldn’t be surprised if your only complaint was a shortage of adjectives.”