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Information is useful, but emotion is essential.

Decisions are made emotionally, and the most effective emotional medium is story.

We are a dedicated team of filmmakers who specialize in translating our clients' objectives into stories worth sitting down for, moving viewers and moving the needle.

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Case Study

Attracting Teachers to Delaware

There's currently a teacher shortage in Delaware, and the Delaware Department of Education approached us about creating a series of spots to address that. When we looked around the interwebs at other teacher campaigns, what we found were mostly lists of features and benefits. We decided on a different approach. 

The Red Pen

Teaching isn't easy. The Delaware Department of Education knows that. In this piece, a teacher puts in the work to connect with a struggling student.

Pi Day

Teaching isn't easy. The Delaware Department of Education knows that. Here's an example of a teacher going above and his students on Pi Day.

The Doodler

Teaching isn't easy. The Delaware Department of Education knows that. In this piece, a teacher goes above and beyond to connect with a distracted student.

Costume Commute

Teaching isn't easy. The Delaware Department of Education knows that. In this piece, a history teacher really gets into character for his work.

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We work in many genres. Commercial, documentary, radio, training and safety, sketch comedy, musicals...

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Our Process: How we filmmake

Our first consideration with every project is simple: Is this going to work? We have a thorough creative process of our own, but where there's already a great concept on the table, we're ready to execute. 


About half of our work is helping agencies realize their clients' visions. We work in this medium every day, so in addition to having valuable input for the storytelling, we also have insights on where to spend or save on budget. Some agencies have even shared their research and invited us to the table to pitch concepts for their campaigns, and we've won awards together.

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Our Capabilities

We're different from a lot of other production companies. We have a full-time staff of 11 and a stocked bullpen of artists and technicians we love working with. We also have our own true sound stage studios (two of them), trucks, big cameras and lenses and lights.

Conventional wisdom says this might weigh us down. Our experience is that it makes us nimble and gives us great economies of scale. We don't need to spin up the entire machine every time we want to create. The machine never stops.

  • Pre-Production

    • Concept development
    • Script analysis/breakdown
    • Screenwriting
    • Storyboarding
    • Previsualization
    • Casting
    • Character development
    • Art direction
  • Production

    • Zaxcom/Sound Devices audio gear
    • HMI/LED/tungsten lighting
    • Full grip package | Sprinter van
    • 360 video and live streaming
    • Aerial cinematography
    • Two 1,400 sq. foot studio sound stages
    • Cinema lenses from Cooke/Canon
    • Cameras from ARRI/RED/Canon/Sony
  • Post-Production

    • Comfortable client editing suites
    • Animation and motion graphics
    • Color grading
    • Sound design and music composition
    • Voiceover/foley recording studio
    • Translation, closed captioning
    • 10Gbps storage with onsite/offsite backup
    • LTO archival

Our Work

Here are some selected pieces from our portfolio:

Options in Delaware

Launcher: Powered by Barclays

Health Insurance Marketplace

Governor Markell visits The Mill

We Stand For Service

University of Delaware Football

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Featured Crew

Alexander Newman

barista/creative associate
  • Photography
  • Fashion
  • Sports Buff
  • Thriftin'
  • Amateur Botanist

Mauro Giuffrida

chef/creative director
  • Hitting deadlines
  • Being a dad
  • Shooting more
  • Fixing it in post
  • Italian cooking
Meet the rest of the crew

Want to join our crew? We're always looking for talented staff and promising interns.


We have the privilege of working with many clients great and small:

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